Welcome To The New Pre65 Committee

Like any AGM there are winners and losers. Some think they are losers and know it as fact, but are actually the winners. While others will agree even though they think they have won, they have in fact lost and they are losers. Anyway, welcome to the 2010 – 2011 Pre65 Committee.


Wayne Davies elected un-opposed. This will be Wayne’s 5th season at the helm and surly not his last....


Bill McKinnon steps up for go in assisting Wayne. Thanks to Robbo for his last years efforts (Didn’t do anything).

Series Coordinator

This year it is a joint appointment of Sue McClintock & Noleen Hobman. Don’t piss them off.

Series Scrutineer

Merv MacDonald yet again unopposed in his 3497228th season at the top of technical department.


No Change, Alex Davie unopposed again is the only capable man for the job after last years’ efforts.


TBC. This is a committee appointed position. Do you want to have a turn? Didn’t think so.


1) Justin Haworth fluked another elected position. Not sure why? Maybe the South Island had a word.

2) Tony Elmiger elected for his general wisdom and his Mustang driving prowess.

3) Daniel Johnston for grooming into a future long-term president.

4) Tim Patterson brings a level head and a voice from the Whanganui region.

Club Captain

Dave Robbo Robinson brings his diplomatic approach and masterful reverse grid race improvements.

PR Officer

Justin Haworth elected himself for this position as no one else could be bothered doing it.

IRC Representative

Alex Davie returns for another year. Don’t even bother standing against him next season. You will lose.

Technical Department

1) Merv MacDonald (See Series Scrutineer)

2) Dave Robinson will check your car thoroughly unless you leave a bottle of CC on the seat.

3) Shane Hobman returns so he can have another good look at the Jeff Warn Holden.


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