Pre65 Saloon Racing had its beginnings at Levels Raceway in Timaru, Labour weekend 1979, headed by enthusiasts who wanted to recreate the halcyon days of 1960s motor sport in New Zealand and around the globe. The class flourished in the South Island in the early days. Then in 1989 Pre65 Racing headed North under the guidance of North Island Club founder John Alley. Kumho Tyres Pre65 Racing Saloons has since evolved into being one of the most popular classes currently running in NZ motorsport with David versus Goliath battle with everything from the Minis and Hillman Imps to the Ford Anglia’s and Cortina’s versus the V8 Mustangs and Falcons, Chevy Novas, Thunderbirds fighting for track space with 6 Cylinder Holdens, Valliant’s and Zephyrs a and everything in between. Exciting stuff for drivers and fans alike!

The cars, are as the name suggests, restricted to vehicles produced before the 31st December 1965. They must retain their original bodies, block material, crankshaft stroke, heads and use gearbox housings in production before Dec 1965. Limited slip differentials are not allowed and brakes are heavily restricted too. However, contrary to what people may first think, they are not simply 'hotted up' classics parading around the track! - They are pure race cars, developed to a point that most, if not all are superior in performance and development to any similar car racing in the sixties and then raced hard! All drivers take the upmost pride in the vehicles and many wouldn’t be out of place winning awards at Classic Car Shows! Check them out next time at the track to see the workmanship and engineering that has been put into these stunning older race cars.

A huge crowd favourite, Kumho Tyres Pre65 Racing Saloons main point of difference to the confusing “one make” type of racing is, first and foremost the cars – Full grids of beautifully presented 1960s race cars, and the race structure, with a fastest to the front grid race followed by 2 handicap races. Where else can you see 500bhp monsters chasing down small capacity Minis, Anglia’s and A40 Farinas over 8 action packed laps? The Kumho Tyres Pre65 Racing Saloons (North Island) currently has over 35 cars competing throughout the season at all the top events on the motorsport calendar, furthermore the class has been voted in the top 3 most popular classes at every meeting they have attended by the paying public. A feat the majority of the Motorsport NZ championship classes would love to emulate.....

Kumho Pre65 Racing Saloons (inc) is a professionally run and managed organisation that is 100% member focused and driven. We are a Motorsport NZ fully Sanctioned Series as well as an Independent Racing Club Summer Tour (IRC) member, thus having the benefit of all the high profile North Island racing events. We encourage new members, returning drivers or members in another series with eligible vehicles to join our club. Our committee, technical department and drivers are all very friendly and approachable enthusiasts who are more than willing to lend a hand and share advice to new members.

If you are considering joining the class, purchasing a current car (there are always cars for sale in all price ranges) or building up a car to compete in this dynamic form of racing, please take a look at the documents and talk to a committee member or technical representative – they are always willing to assist. Otherwise see you at a track near you soon!

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